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CFD Trading with Mexem

CFD trading is an acronym of contract for difference. It is a type of trading that allows investors and traders an opportunity to make a profit from the price movement of an asset without owning it. The process is relatively simple as it involves the calculation of the asset’s price between trade entry and trade […]

JSE Investment

Most people tend to think JSE investments are difficult. On the contrary, it is easier as you do not need to have loads of money to start out. You can also control your investment risk on JSE, allowing to determine how much return you can generate from the investment. However, you should have a clear […]

Global Investment

Among the options that investors have is investing internationally. This involves selecting global investment instruments to create a geographically diversified portfolio. The main reason or drive for global investment is to increase portfolio diversification and spread the risk of investment among foreign companies and markets. This includes variations in terms of bonds, stick, and mutual […]

Share Trading With Mexem

Interested in share trading but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been trading for years and are looking for a new platform? With the entire world of online share trading at your fingertips, it makes sense to partner with the company that’s consistently been chosen as the world’s best broker – Mexem. Share […]

Mexem: Your Partner for Profitable JSE Investment

Investment into the Johannesburg Stock Exchange offers you a fantastic opportunity to gather returns that are not just going to be impressive, but also pleasing. The JSE is a great place to invest in simply due to the amount of control it gives you over your investment. A JSE investment does not need to start […]

Mexem: The Best Solution for Global Investment

In a world that’s linked together by the internet, the idea of financially investing in foreign markets should be something that would be deemed obvious. However, that is not the case. The concept of currency and stock market reach prevent global investment from becoming a common venture. However, if you do want to invest globally, […]

Trading Online

Online Trading Starts with Opening The Right Trading Account Your success as an online trader will depend on which type of trading account you decide to use. There are many options for trading accounts that are made available to you. In choosing the right trading account, there are a few important factors to consider. Spreads […]

How foreign FinTech disruptors are driving local economic growth

The explosion of pioneering FinTech innovations from around the world is disrupting and transforming the global financial landscape. From payment, investment and lending innovations, to mobile money, digital wallets and Blockchain technology, FinTechs make financial services more relevant, accessible, affordable and easy to use by society. In emerging markets, FinTechs are destined to flourish and […]

Why the SA stock trading industry needs customer service

South African banks are rated globally as sound and strong, with international banking advisory groups applauding the stability of service in corporate and retail banking. The stock trading industry on the other hand, is dominated by complacency and a lack of transparent customer service. Currently, the industry is dominated by brokers and banking professionals making […]