Mexem’s Trading Software

Trade anywhere anytime.

To give users complete control over their trading experience, Mexem provides a unique trading platform through our trading software that gives users control over trading and exchanges in the global market. It provides a powerful platform from which users can easily manage their stocks, options and more.

Our trading software is the users’ primary tool for successfully navigating the many-faceted world of the stock market. It allows traders, investors and institutions to trade in a variety of ways from almost anywhere and displays complicated information in a way that is both easy to understand and use.
The software shows users real time analytics personalised to their account and enables the use of this information to make the best financial decisions from just about anywhere.

The application grants users’ instant access to latest news updates, market data and research, enabling informed decision making over trades in real time. This conveniently and effectively provides a much-needed advantage in competitively traded markets. A real-time monitoring system additionally lets account holders see the current state of their account at any time, providing up-to-date information on changing market conditions.

For further control over changing factors and volatile trades, the software can be made to alert users on changes based on price, time, margin and volume.
This ability to view all vital information at a glance and make well informed decisions fast facilitates the ability to effectively trade and monitor markets on a global scale.

TWS Trading Software

Confidently control every step of the trading process and be part of the future of online trading no matter where you are. Mexem is your introduction to this range of financial products in the field of trade and capital markets. We help every client navigate and utilize the leading stock exchanges with confidence.

Our Trading Platforms

Interactive Brokers environment of API and FIX allow the traders, the investors and the financial institutions to create automatic systems that take advantage of the unique performance abilities of Interactive Brokers and the global availability.