Mexem Africa brings Fractional Share Trading into action!

Build a Balanced Portfolio with Fractional Shares

Fractional shares are a piece of a share from a stock. Trading fractional shares allows you to invest in companies which you may not be able to afford the full share price. This increases opportunities and it also makes it easier for you to diversify your portfolio by allowing you to trade fractional amounts in multiple companies when you otherwise may have only been able to trade whole shares in one or two companies.

Invest in the stock you want regardless of the share price

Want to buy just $500 worth of an expensive stock, or looking to diversify among more investments? Now you can – fractional share trading with the ability to enter order size in terms of dollar amounts Cash Quantity is now available.

No Stock is Too Expensive

Pick any available US stock and decide how much you want to invest – it’s that easy. If the dollar amount doesn’t result in a whole number of shares, we’ll buy or sell fractional shares.

Get More for Your Money

With fractional shares you can divide your investments among more stocks to achieve a more diversified portfolio and put small cash balances to work quickly to maximize your returns!

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